Thursday, January 12, 2012

Refreshing comes after the storm.

Well today was not without tears but today it wasn't me.  Poor little Kilah fell while drinking her sippy cup.  She has done it many times before but today was different.  It was a little delayed but soon after the tears came ALOT of blood.  It soon stopped along with the tears but here is the result...

Kilah's first fat lip.  Just in case you didn't feel bad enough, here are a few more pictures.  I couldn't choose just one.  :)

I had to give her some Advil so she could sleep.  She woke up and said, "oh, momma" and pointed at her lip. It was hard not to laugh at how pitiful she was but now she sleeps soundly (the advil must have helped).

I just left a live chat with a doctor in Baltimore at Sinai Hospital.  His name is Dr. Standard.  It was a chat designed to answer questions about Limb Length Discrepancies.  It was very beneficial and I feel very blessed to have met more people with this commonality.  I received lots of great information.  In short, I think we will be doing a "road trip to Baltimore" soon.  That's what I'm calling it.  It sounds more fun an adventurous that way.  heehee.  I will keep you posted on any decisions we make.  

I thought I would share a picture I snapped the other day.  It really shows Kilah's current LLD pretty well.


And in this photo she is standing flat footed:


  1. We made our first "road trip" to Baltimore last year. And we did make a trip out of it, it was fun! Our three kids had a blast at the aquarium, and playing at all of the fun places around the harbor. It made the stress of the dr. appointment, considering lengthening etc. a lot more managable. We are going again right before Easter to see Dr. Standard. Good luck on your adventures:)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! It's looking like we will be going in February. I'll update the blog, for sure. How old is your kid with FH?