Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heart Encouraged

This will be a brief post to answer a common question and share an amazing video with you.

First, if you've been looking at photos and videos on my Facebook page lately you may have noticed that Kilah often wears a shoe on her shorter leg while wearing a slipper on her other leg.  We have found that this gives her a little bit of a lift and helps stabilize her ankle.  Also, when she stands still (which isn't often these days) she is more likely to stand flat footed.  Most of the time she walks on her toes on her shorter leg so she is loosing flexibility quickly.  Any flat footed time is good.  Our trip to Baltimore is approaching quickly and we plan on talking to Dr. Standard about her shoe lift and AFO (brace).

Second, I'm so excited to share this video with you.  Last night, when I watched it for time, it was so encouraging for my heart.  Although I know that Kilah will be a stronger person because of the things she will experience in her life, it is so uplifting when you see a young person as a living example.  It was nice reminder. My favorite part of this video is when Miranda says thanks for all of the good memories.  I will make sure Kilah has good memories. :)  Here is it.  Watch and see for your self.

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